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amaryllis colors is an oligotypic genus of monocotyledonous plants of the Amaryllidaceae family.

Traditionally it is considered a monotype type with the appearance of Amaryllis belladonna, but in 1998 another species was described, which is now recognized in the scientific world.

According to the database of The Plant List, the genus of amaryllis colors includes 4 types:

  • Amaryllis bagnoldii (Herb)
  • Amaryllis belladonna L typus
  • Amaryllis condemaita Vargas
  • Amaryllis paradisicola Snijman
  • In the wild, representatives of the genus are endemic to the Cape Province (South Africa)

    Botanical description of amaryllis colors

    The flowers are collected in an umbellate inflorescence – in the inflorescence of 2-12 flowers.

    Fruit is a drop-down box, the seeds can have appendages in the form of wings.

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