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Alyssum easter bonnet

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alyssum easter bonnet (Latin Alyssum) is a genus of the plants of the Cabbage family.

It includes about 200 species, distributed in Europe, Asia and North Africa, of which 40 species grow in the former USSR.

Names of alyssum easter bonnet

In decorative floriculture is known by the transliteration of the Latin name Alissum.


Annual and perennial stunted plants with semi-forest shoots.

Chemical composition of alyssum easter bonnet

The chemical composition is poorly understood. It is known that seeds have up to 25% fatty oil

Human use

alyssum easter bonnet is a early-flowering plant that can be used in ornamental horticulture as a curb on lawns.

The plant is a good early honey plant.

Use in medicine

The medicinal properties of borax are known since ancient times.

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